Stow retail store cleaning

Stow Retail Store Cleaning is Vital to Customer Service

There is value in professional cleaning no matter what kind of Northeast Ohio business you have – even if you only invest in the service quarterly. Stow retail store cleaning, however, should be a daily or weekly investment.

Every detail about your store reveals something to your customers. That’s why you carefully arrange the merchandise, adjust the lighting, select the right music and dress up window displays. All of that melds together to create the kind of atmosphere that fits the brand and welcomes shoppers. But if your store isn’t clean, that’s what your patrons will notice!

Retail News Insider reports that store cleanliness had a direct impact on customer satisfaction and sales. Two-thirds of shoppers surveyed said they wouldn’t return to a store they perceived to be inadequately cleaned – unless the store made cleaning a higher priority.

A store that is properly cleaned, sanitized and uncluttered is safer too. Failure to clean a store regularly runs the risk welcoming germs, odors and even potential injuries. Most brick-and-mortar retailers can’t afford to lose the business, especially heading into the height of the holiday shopping season and with cutthroat competition from online retailers.

If you are in the retail business, consider professional Stow retail store cleaning as part of your routine maintenance.