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What to Look for in a Stow Office Cleaning Company

There are many reasons companies turn to a Stow office cleaning company, whether they’ve just recently moved to a larger space or are finally conceding they can no longer keep up with the demand on their own. If you’re in the market for commercial cleaning in Northeast Ohio, the truth of the matter is you have your pick of dozens. But how do you decide which cleaner to call first?

Most small business owners and office managers rely on word-of-mouth, sometimes a clever television ad. Others base their decision solely on price.

Central concerns include whether the cleaning company has the tools and capacity to ensure quality and consistency at a reasonable cost. But values matter too. So does ease of communication, flexibility and minimized risk.

We understand all this. In fact, Kleensweep’s origins as a long-time Stow office cleaning company began after a series of disappointments from other commercial cleaners whose standards didn’t align with those of our founder (then an office manager). She wanted the job done well and completely the first time, as promised. These principles remain key to our operations.

Hiring a reputable cleaning company is important not only for the first impression you’ll make on clients and customers, but also on employee health and morale. With that in mind, we’ve considered what we at Kleensweep Cleaning Co. believe to be the top six must-have’s of your next Stow office cleaning company hire.

No. 1. Does the Stow Office Cleaning Company Have Its Own Insurance? 

Your cleaning company needs to be insured – on several fronts.

Firstly, you have a lot of valuable items in your office – printers, computers, televisions, furniture, specialized equipment, etc. We take every precaution to avoid accidents because our employees’ safety matters to us too. But when they do happen, you need to know you’ll be protected from shouldering those expenses.

Secondly, if there is an accident with injury to an office cleaning employee, you don’t want to be on the hook for that either just because it happened on your property. We designate our workers employees – not independent contractors – and thus secure workers’ compensation insurance that covers them (and protects you) in the event of a job site accident.

No. 2. Does the Stow Commercial Cleaning Business Offer Free Quotes? 

A reputable commercial cleaner should be able to give you a ballpark estimate right away, based on the type of facility, square footage and your expectations.

A walk-through of the facility is generally required for a proposal, and you should expect an itemized list of specifications of services so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. There should be no question about the cleaning scope and schedule, and you should feel free to request adjustments as necessary.

A commercial cleaning company should ask you for a date and time they can come and do a walk-through of your building. They should take measurements, take detailed notes, and ask a variety of questions regarding your expectations of their work. 

No. 3. Do The Cleaning Service Have the Right Tools and Equipment to Meet Expectations? 

When you have a Stow commercial cleaning company conduct a walk-through of your facility, ask specifically about the type of equipment they have to complete the work required.

You’ll want to discuss their process for cleaning your problem areas, including restrooms, entrance areas, kitchens, etc. A typical push vacuum may be inadequate for the work required. Ask about the cleaning products they use and whether these will be effective. Some surfaces require abrasive chemicals. Others may be damaged by these products. Our team at KleenSweep is aware of these nuances and will ask – but not every Stow cleaning service will.

No. 4. Is There Any Flexibility With Service Plans?

We’ve seen in some cases clients get roped into hiring a commercial cleaning firm that offers services that are either inadequate or extend far beyond the scope of what is necessary. Your business is unique. Your cleaning service plan should be uniquely tailored to your environment.

The best Stow cleaning companies will understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to providing the cleaning services you need. You’ll want to ask:

  • Do you offer custom cleaning plans?
  • Do you offer project-based services, such as hard floor treatments, special event cleaning or power washing?
  • Is there any flexibility with cleaning frequency?

No. 5. What is the Level of Communication and Accountability?

Securing a commercial cleaning contractor isn’t something you want to do every few months. You want to find a cleaning firm that values lasting relationships and provides courteous, personalized service. You want to know your requests will be accommodated – and concerns addressed completely and promptly.

Ask the cleaning company representative:

  • Who would be my main point of contact?
  • How do I reach your firm if it’s after business hours and there is an emergency?
  • How frequently can I expect your cleaning company management to check in on quality and ensure the work is meeting my expectations?
  • Is there a system for customer communication?

Our team is always customer-oriented, and we’re committed to making sure you’re satisfied with every job – every time.

No. 6. What is The Office Cleaning Company’s Reputation? 

Word-of-mouth recommendations are a good place to start. Venture further. Look on Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews, the Better Business Bureau, etc. If there are complaints filed, you’ll want to know about it!

For more than two decades, KleenSweep Cleaning Co. has been providing reliable, quality commercial cleaning.

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