Fall office cleaning

Why Fall Office Cleaning is Essential for Stow Businesses

Although the term “spring cleaning” is the one with which we’re all most familiar, autumn cleaning is just as important – if not more. As summer draws to a close and the air grows crisp, fall office cleaning for your Stow business is essential because staffers will be spending more time indoors, ventilation declines and dust builds up. All this increases the risk of worker illness, especially if your office space hasn’t been cleaned all summer.

Our fall office cleaning experts at KleenSweep Cleaning Co. know there are several benefits to having your office cleaned professionally just ahead of the winter months.

Why Your Stow Business Needs a Thorough Fall Office Cleaning

Having your office professionally cleaned not only leaves it looking nice, but makes for a healthier, happier work environment, which can improve productivity, reduce sick days and boost your bottom line.

Reasons you should strive for a cleaner office this autumn:

  • Flu and Cold Season. October is the start of flu season. Routine cleaning – or at least a fall office cleaning – are the best ways to attack the germs that facilitate the spread of illness. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the flu alone costs companies more than $10 billion annually in direct costs and even more in lost productivity.
  • Falling Temperatures. When the heat of summer begins to ebb, people start to keep their doors and windows closed, resulting in faster build up of dirt and dust. That plus the lack of ventilation and more people increasingly inclined to stay indoors can be breeding ground for sickness.
  • Nasty Weather. While it’s the season for pumpkin spice and colorful leaves, it won’t be long until snow and slush are at your office door. Many small business owners wisely place mats at the entryway to make sure it isn’t tracked in. However, mats, like carpet, can quickly become laden with dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew. Sweeping them nightly can help, but professional shampooing and cleaning is what really assures the mats are in good condition. This is also important because mats in poor condition can be a slip-and-fall risk!

Investing in a professional cleaning service helps minimize these problems threatening your workers’ health and productivity.

What Fall Office Cleaning Jobs Are Highest Priority? 

A full top-to-bottom cleaning is recommended if your office hasn’t been properly cleaned in some time. If you’d rather prioritize, a consultation with a professional office cleaning service can help ascertain which jobs should be tackled first.

Some fall cleaning jobs that are often highest priority for first-time small business clients seeking an initial clean:

  • Floors. Hard surfaces should be machine-scrubbed and rinsed with new finish applied, with special care along edges and around corners. All carpeted surfaces should be extracted, again with care around corners and edges.
  • Office work spaces. All surfaces, including file drawers, windowsills, tables, chairs, tables, telephones and desks, should be damp-wiped. Door frames and light fixtures should be dusted and trash receptacles should be washed and disinfected.
  • Restrooms. All toilets, urinals, basins and showers should be scoured and sanitized. All bright work should be polished, with lime and mineral deposits carefully removed. Partitions should be disinfected and trash receptacles should be washed and disinfected.

We can also help with refreshing tile and grout, removing upholstery odors, restoring the appearance of your carpet and the overall shine of all surfaces.

If you are interested in Stow office cleaning services, contact KleenSweep Cleaning Co. at (330) 688-1389 or write to us at Contact@KleenSweepOhio.com. 

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