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KleenSweep Cleaning Co.’s Response to COVID-19 in Northeast Ohio

A note on COVID-19:

At KleenSweep Cleaning Co., our team has always understood the value of keeping work spaces clean to keep them healthy.

We’re prepared to assist your Northeast Ohio business in keeping the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, at bay by ensuring office surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while the virus is primarily passed from person-to-person, it can be transmitted by touching a contaminated surface. Early testing indicates COVID-19 can live on surfaces for up to three days.

Our team always uses rubber gloves while working, and we will likely begin also using respirator masks to protect our staff as well as our customers. Gloves will be worn throughout the entire cleaning period, not just when cleaning restrooms, etc.

At any customers’ request, we will also use sanitizing products to wipe down surfaces such as desks, keyboards, phones, counters, cabinets, etc.

To keep workplaces healthy, the CDC further recommends:

  • Washing your hands. A lot. And thoroughly.
  • Sanitizing your hands when soap is not available.
  • Saving the handshakes.
  • Cleaning your smartphone.

If you have any questions or are interested in our cleaning services in Akron, Kent, Stow, Streetsboro, Hudson or Cuyahoga Falls, please call our offices at (330) 688-1389. You can also email us at


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Post-Holiday Party Office Cleaning Tips From KleenSweep Cleaning Co.

Holiday office parties are a popular way to wind down the year, celebrate your company’s successes, reward your workers and set a positive tone for the year ahead. Once the party’s over, though, you might have quite a mess on your hands. Our Stow office cleaning professionals can help.

Cluttered desks, leftover food languishing in the office fridge, sticky spills and unsightly bathroom messes are bad for employee morale and customer confidence. They could even pose illness hazards or liability risks.

For small office holiday gatherings, you may be capable of handling the post-party office cleaning on your own. For bigger bashes, it’s probably wise to hire a professional to do the dirty work.

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Why Fall Office Cleaning is Essential for Stow Businesses

Although the term “spring cleaning” is the one with which we’re all most familiar, autumn cleaning is just as important – if not more. As summer draws to a close and the air grows crisp, fall office cleaning for your Stow business is essential because staffers will be spending more time indoors, ventilation declines and dust builds up. All this increases the risk of worker illness, especially if your office space hasn’t been cleaned all summer.

Our fall office cleaning experts at KleenSweep Cleaning Co. know there are several benefits to having your office cleaned professionally just ahead of the winter months.

Why Your Stow Business Needs a Thorough Fall Office Cleaning

Having your office professionally cleaned not only leaves it looking nice, but makes for a healthier, happier work environment, which can improve productivity, reduce sick days and boost your bottom line.